Bell, Book and Candle

From an ancient Silk Road in the Spin Ghar mountain range and the red-bricked chocolate box skyscrapers of one of the oldest civilisations known to mankind, the travellers begin their journey. Fourteen hundred years of struggle and anguish arrive in the unspoilt backwaters of Cumbria’s Lakeland Fells and erupt in a bloody, deadly climax.

A simple bell, book and candle adorn the altar of a village church yet the parishioners are unaware of the gathering storm clouds that herald the arrival of the ‘Eternal One.’

Will the Cumbrian detective, Boyd, work out why it has taken since the seventh century for the problem to arrive in his back yard? It’s not until a child is kidnapped that Boyd realises he needs to separate out good from bad; normal from extreme, and the innocence of youth from the guilt of maturity. Boyd is fighting the biggest dog in the pack and the Shimmering Dawn is about to unleash its terrifying dogs of war.

Crammed with intrigue and drizzled with Machiavellian conspiracy, the plot dissects the culture and very existence of the Middle East as it gradually and passionately boils over into a turbo charged thriller of acrimonious conflict and religious aura when the history of yesteryear explodes with the reality of today.

The image of a Bell, Book and Candle is the actual logo of the Metropolitan Police anti terrorist branch (now Counter Terrorist Command) with whom the author once worked as a senior detective. A best seller in the UK Kindle store, this novel is also one of the author’s best selling kindles in the US amazon store.

AMAZON REVIEW: You can’t beat a crime story written by a detective. Paul Anthony (a pseudonym, by necessity) was a top detective fighting the threat of terrorism, so is ideally placed to come up with a story about Islamist terrorism. A fast-moving tale is told in great detail, without losing the plot. It’s full of facts and explanations about the rationale and reasons behind a on temporary threat to our security. Best of all, it’s written in the language we al, understand, rather than that of bigwigs in the higher echelons of the police service or government.
It’s a story that will also educate you.

AMAZON REVIEW: Excellent plotting and character development. Paul Tobin.Poet and, author 


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