The Conchenta Conundrum

Two beautiful and mysterious women are murdered in the same week. The local police chief believes the killings are the work of one man and instructs his officers to bring about a swift conclusion to the investigation. Davies King, the hardnosed, chess playing detective, reckons the game is much more complex and refuses to accept an apparent checkmate.

With the odds stacking up against him, Davies tries to shuffle all the pieces and capture the guilty party before an innocent man is wrongly arrested. But the clock is counting down, there’s a bomb explosion imminent, and he’s running out of time.

With enigmatic characters that are credible and authentic, it doesn’t take long to become engrossed in a well crafted and gripping plot. Paul Anthony’s mesmerizing conspiracy carries the reader all the way and skilfully builds to an exhilarating and explosive finale.

AMAZON REVIEW: I thoroughly enjoyed reading `Bushfire’, another of Paul Anthony’s books, so my expectations of `Conchenta Conundrum’ were extremely high. I was not disappointed. ‘Conchenta Conundrum’ held me from the very first page, keeping me engaged to the last. The pace of this exciting book is fast and gives the reader a real appreciation of what the police force do behind the scenes during an investigation. The story centres around several cases on which the principal character, Davies King, and his team are working that include two murders and a series of robberies at jewellers in their jurisdiction. Apart from the criminal cases, there are other plots running through the story concerning the careers of Davies, his friends and his colleagues. I really related to and empathised with the characters as they are involved in the politics and the management mind games in the organisation. Inevitably the reader supports Davies in his efforts to protect his team by manipulating events and people to his team’s advantage. The `Conchenta Conundrum’ gave me an insight into the working life of a policeman. Additionally, I learnt that, like all careers, there are those in the police force that work with, and for the team, and those that concentrate on developing their own careers and advancement at the expense of others.  I rate this book very highly and recommend it to all.

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