The Legacy of the Ninth

Packed with action, stacked with intrigue, and sprinkled with ingenious conspiracy, ‘The Legacy of the Ninth’ is a whirlwind thriller of bitter conflict and religious mystique, echoing through the centuries of time from the desert wastes of the Roman Empire to the luscious green valley of the River Eden and the land of the Lakes. Behold the noble Domitian:a valiant Roman Centurion who witnesses an appalling act of mass suicide in the Negev Desert, and Hussein who plunders a Jewish artefact from its rightful owner. Centuries later, Boyd the detective, tries to find out why events in Masada are so closely linked with nearby Hadrian’s Wall. Indeed, against all the odds, Boyd realises that the links are so strong that prospects of peace in the Middle East are in danger of collapsing.

Things can’t get any worse, can they?

Another best selling novel from Paul Anthony – this one reached #1 in the international mystery and crime genre of the UK Kindle store. It is the author’s most popular book in the US Kindle Store.

AMAZON REVIEW: The Legacy of the Ninth takes the reader on a breathtaking journey, following the traces of a certain ancient artifact all the way from the desolated deserts of Judea to modern day Britain and the Middle East.
Victorious Roman legions, fierce ancient Scots, British and Israeli Intelligence, terrorist camps in Lebanon, undercover police officers, drug dealers, fishermen – you get to meet them all, while the action never slacks, never let you relax and pause for breath. You finish this story breathless, unable to let the book go before you know how it ends. This novel is very well written and deeply satisfying. It analyzes all aspects of human nature, never turning to the easy solution of the good and the bad. The multiple points of view are astounding. Every angle of the unfolding story fascinates you with its different points of view, which exploring the inner worlds of various people of various cultures. The depth of the historical research is amazing and reminds us that life was brutal and cheap through all times, the modern days included. A very rewarding, enjoyable read that I would recommend to everyone.


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