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A thimble is a small, hard, pitted cup worn to protect the finger that pushes a needle in the craft of sewing. They are invariably made of metal and, euphemistically, are ‘as hard as nails.’ When a thimble pushes a needle to the extremity, regularly, and with bitter unrivalled determination, the job gets done much quicker than you might otherwise imagine. However, one should always be wary of a callous thimble that exerts pressure to the limit. Such a thimble can be aggressive, cold-hearted, lethally dangerous to mankind, and have no equal.

If the needle is the ‘spy’ who complies with instructions from the leader, then the thimble is the leader who pushes the needle and is, therefore, the ‘Spymaster’.

Herewith the story of ‘Thimbles’… The Spymasters… The Good, the Bad, and the Rogue…

There’s a circus in town too. But there’s also an arsonist. a diamond smuggler, a murderer, an informant, and a man on the verge of suicide. Will they all meet? There are two prizes to play for. One is a state of the art globally important computerised system. The other is freedom.

This incomparable novel is based in Cumbria, London, Scotland, Russia, and elsewhere in Europe. It tells the simultaneous story of individual people all doing various things in different places that seem to be geographically poles apart. Each character involved, however, is not only the centre of an individual tale to be told. They are each a crucial component in the telling of the central story and impact both directly, and indirectly, on the terrifying and often horrific situation the chief characters eventually find themselves in.

Beware, a master quilter is at work, and she is formidable.

Elements of leadership and comradeship are exposed along with winning and losing, remembering and forgetting, and being lost and hoping to be found. Crucially, it’s about the weak and the strong, the good and the bad, a few rogues and a handful of spies, and a dubious security operation masterminded by a legend of global repute. Crucially, it’s about how gifted individuals step up to the plate when they are needed most and take control of unprecedented events.

This is the story of an attempt to bring about the downfall of an individual, an undetected and unreported murder, a false flag operation, a sting operation, blackmail, an attempt to destroy a nation’s status and capability, and an attack on the very fabric of an established peace-loving society. It’s also a dual love story, of a kind, but for some, complete love is restricted by barriers that can never be breached.

Essentially, it’s a Paul Anthony action-packed thriller featuring Commander William Miller Boyd and his elite Special Crime Unit, and it’s based on unique, true, ‘real-life events’, that will shock you to the core.

Buckle up and hold tight.

My thanks to Margaret Scougal, Pat Henderson, and Pauline Livingstone (proof-readers and consultants) for their continued unfettered support in the entity that is the publisher – Paul Anthony Associates.

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