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Paul Anthony is the pseudonym of a man born in Southport, Lancashire.  He began his writing career when he was published by a vanity publisher in the UK. Two years later, he accepted a commission from a renowned traditional publisher and sharpened his pen. However, he now describes himself as an independent publisher and author responsible for every facet of his ‘book business’, including the conversion of his backlist included on these pages. In April 2021, he celebrated the publication of his twenty-fifth novel in twenty-five years of writing. It all began as a hobby. What a journey that turned out to be. These books include an autobiography, anthologies, non-fiction, and a collection of poetry; all of which are all available in both print and Kindle. He has also written television scripts, screenplays and film scripts.

Paul writes from his experience of life as a detective in various guises. Some of his books are based on ‘true accounts’. Other work is inspired by many years’ experience as an investigator of serious and serial crime. He is best known for his crime thrillers which feature 1) Boyd – a detective from Cumbria who is seconded to the nation’s Special Crime Unit and 2) Davies King – a detective from Crillsea, on the south coast. Boyd and King are completely different characters but both sequences are ‘stand-alone’ tales which are well-presented tales of serious and serial crime, true crime, murder-mystery, terrorism and espionage. In addition, several suspense thrillers are also available for readers.

At the age of 16, Paul mined the pit face at Haigh Colliery in Whitehaven and then worked at a biscuit factory, in Carlisle, as a machine operator. He also worked with deaf people and was trained in the treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics. He went to Eskdale Outward Bound School but eventually joined Cumbria Police at the age of 19. His novel ‘The Fragile Peace’ was selected as the first audiobook in the audio library of Dyslexia Foundation UK.

The son of a soldier whose family settled in Carlisle, he served as a detective in Cumbria CID, the Regional Crime Squad in Manchester, the Special Branch, (Counter Terrorist Command) and other national agencies in the UK and elsewhere. He has an Honours Degree in Economics and Social Sciences, a Diploma in Management and a Diploma in Office Management.

Paul began building a readership many years ago when he wrote weekly articles and short stories for the Writer’s Collection, Article.com, the Writer’s World, music websites, and various online magazines stretching from Australia to Canada via Europe and the UK.  A former winner of the Independent Authors Network Featured Author Contest, Paul was also a Featured Author at the ‘Books without Borders’ Event in Yonkers, New York, 2012. In earlier years he was a Featured Author at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany. 

Two of Paul’s books are under ‘film option’, namely ‘The Fragile Peace’ and ‘Threat Level One’. In October 2020, Paul began working with a production company. He is also currently writing the next stand-alone Boyd detective tale. Hopefully, this ‘work in progress’ will be available soon. 

Published in April 2021, as promised, the latest Davies King novel Harbour Lights is proving a succesful read amongst regular followers.  Come and join the Murder Squad and experience, first-hand, a complex murder investigation that moves from the local to the international as the pages turn.  

His recent publication Sapphire is also proving popular with regular readers and was recently reviewed as follows: Reader’s ReviewA fresh and captivating book that leaves other crime novels in the dust. A story inside a story. It’s a crime novels lover’s dream book. One of the best crime novels in our opinion that should be made into a crime fiction movie! A great modern detective novel and so much more. (Claire Bernard, The Author’s Leak, The Wordicle  https://www.thewordicle.com/for-crime-novels-mystery-action-lovers-in-sapphire/)

There are twenty-five books for sale worldwide in the amazon store in both kindle and paperback. Ten kindles are priced at 99p and include three full-length crime thrillers. The other fifteen are variously priced up to a maximum of £3.50, Paperbacks begin at £5 and carry a maximum price of up to £8.50 per book. Enjoy.