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A thimble is a small, hard, pitted cup worn to protect the finger that pushes a needle in the craft of sewing. They are invariably made of metal and, euphemistically, are ‘as hard as nails.’ When a thimble pushes a needle to the extremity, regularly, and with bitter unrivalled determination, the job gets done much quicker than you might otherwise imagine. However, one should always be wary of a callous thimble that exerts pressure to the limit. Such a thimble can be aggressive, cold-hearted, lethally dangerous to mankind, and have no equal.

If the needle is the ‘spy’ who complies with instructions from the leader, then the thimble is the leader who pushes the needle and is, therefore, the ‘Spymaster’.

Herewith the story of ‘Thimbles’… The Spymasters… The Good, the Bad, and the Rogue…

The Sultan and the Crucifix

Boyd’s elite detective unit is brought sharply into focus when a direct challenge from above is made into his ability ‘to police and defend the freedom of the nation and its people.’

Fighting those who doubt him, those who distrust him, and those who just don’t what him to be there anymore goes against the grain as investigations appear to merge and, despite all the protocols and procedures in place, Boyd considers whether he should step out of line to deal effectively with the various situations that confront him. But who should he ‘trust’?

White Eagle

A Cumbrian detective is working with the Special Crime Unit and elements of British Intelligence.
When a desperate young man is forced out of his home in the mountains, he claims ‘Qisas’ and sets out on a bitter journey of revenge. As he terrorizes a continent with his wicked plan, the evil megalomaniac becomes an iconic figure synonymous with fear and dread. In a fast-moving, white knuckle ride, the unknown assassin leaves police and intelligence services reeling from the sheer pressure of relentless attacks.

Threat level One

When Master Sergeant Jack Dooley uncovers a startling secret in the desert wastes of Iraq he unwittingly triggers an alarm that resonates throughout the western world. It doesn’t take long before Boyd and his elite Special Crime Unit find themselves handling the investigation. But who is the man from Tikrit the police and intelligence community are desperately searching for? Is he really an Islamic assassin with orders to take out the leaders of the western world? As the Cumbrian counter-terrorist detective chases down the enquiry he enlists the aid of multiple intelligence agencies only to uncover a right wing plot to take over the government. Boyd soon realises that the man from Tikrit is an unknown quantity– and he certainly isn’t the only threat that needs to be thwarted.

Bell, Book and Candle

From an ancient Silk Road in the Spin Ghar mountain range and the red-bricked chocolate box skyscrapers of one of the oldest civilisations known to mankind, the travellers begin their journey. Fourteen hundred years of struggle and anguish arrive in the unspoilt backwaters of Cumbria’s Lakeland Fells and erupt in a bloody, deadly climax.
A simple bell, book and candle adorn the altar of a village church yet the parishioners are unaware of the gathering storm clouds that herald the arrival of the ‘Eternal One.’

The Legacy of the Ninth

Packed with action, stacked with intrigue, and sprinkled with ingenious conspiracy, ‘The Legacy of the Ninth’ is a whirlwind thriller of bitter conflict and religious mystique, echoing through the centuries of time from the desert wastes of the Roman Empire to the luscious green valley of the River Eden and the land of the Lakes. Behold the noble Domitian:a valiant Roman Centurion who witnesses an appalling act of mass suicide in the Negev Desert, and Hussein who plunders a Jewish artefact from its rightful owner.


Bushfire is a terrifying thriller of greed and deceit. The action spans the oceans, from Colombia to the British Isles, and is set against the inferno of a raging drugs culture.

Cumbria undercover detective, Boyd, and the covert power of the State, battle against globally organised crime syndicates unaware that some amongst them have different plans private and personal revenge.

The Fragile Peace

A thriller of violent prejudices and divided loyalties. About the province where no-one talks, this story tells it like it is. This Ulster novel reaches to the very roots of sectarian life and death.

Written by a member of the security forces, it penetrates behind the media-screen to reveal a human landscape that is unknown, yet startlingly believable. It is a world where sworn enemies may exchange confidences over a game of snooker; where a kneecapping operation turns into a deadly vendetta fuelled by sexual jealousy and where the fate of the United Kingdom could rest in the hands of one punch drunk bruiser with a dangerous addiction.